Monday, 18 October 2010

Where are the people?

Four good friends have just left us after a weekend visit. Their initial comment on seeing the bar and the village was " it's lovely but where are the people?
Champniers is very quiet, to see a person walking in the village is rare, to be walking and meet other walkers is most probably commemorated with a statue.
But the ex pats do come just like a french version of the end of field of dreams. Our first quiz was a great night, we had over 50 people sitting down answering questions and we think and hope a good time was had by all.

However our big event was Saturday just gone. (of course it was complete chance that this should coincide with a visit from four workers (sorry I mean friends)

This weekend was the Soiree Musical avec tourne-broche or in english, music night with hog roast. Eileen,our outside caterer, was in charge of HOG and the pictures below tell the story

I must mention Pete here, who helped with the pig, including hammering large spikes into it, even though he is a committed vegetarian.
I must also publicly condemn the other male visitor. His comments about his wife and her nightdress as the muslin was removed from the pig were not appropriate. Nor was calling for the KY as the skewer was inserted

Anyway, 8 hours later, the pig had roasted nicely and was ready to greet the 100 people who had booked for the evening. He was served with salads and potatoes, followed by Mars Bar Cake all washed down with loads of beer and wine.
The music was provided by a local duo who were very good.

Our thanks go to our vistors, Sarah and Julie for sterling work on the bar, and making the bacardi and red wine bottles much lighter for us to carry around.
For Peter for endless washing up and for being masterful in quickly learning and then
using the can crusher.
And also to Jim, for beer pouring, coffee making and for driving the troops!

We hope they come again and that Peter quickly recovers from being bitten by a monkey .
Our only regret from the weekend was that we couldn't attend the local festival in the village hall, It was a meal based on black pudding and chestnuts!!
We did go along after we had closed but they seemed somewhat suprised to be visited by 6 people at a quarter to one on sunday morning. They were clearing up so we missed out on the boudin noir (although one person did tread on one on the grass)

Au revoir

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Just so you know!!

Day off today.

Lunch in the sun

went out for a bike ride, 25 degrees, not a cloud in the sky

had to have a pint and a magnum !!