Thursday, 23 June 2011

MFI Deja Vu

Homeform the company that runs Moben, Dolphin and Sharps are appointing an administrator
They have closed their stores and sent the staff home, and customers deliveries have stopped.
The CEO is Chris Pavlosky and the Managing Director is Richard Lee.
Chris was the COO at MFI and Richard was the Sales Director.
When MFI went bust, both of these were involved in touting the MFI stock around with a view to striking a deal in which the stock was sold by the administrator for next to nothing and then both being personally involved in the buying company with of course a stake in the profits.

It is a pity that any business goes down the pan and of course we must all feel sorry for the people that lose their jobs and for the customers that lose their deposits, or don't get their rooms completed. However it must be asked why these guys were given the chance to run another business

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Club des Ainés outing

Champniers has a suprising amount of associations for so small a village. The Club des Ainés is the club for the Troisieme Age, ( the retired). We were invited to join them for a day out which had been arranged for a Thursday, our one day off, to a rural museum.
The coach pick up was 10.30 in the cafe car park, not 50 yds from home, but "we" were still nearly late.
The 30 or so people were driven for an hour to a village named Blond for lunch. I was amazed that we managed to drive for an hour with 29 old people and not one loo stop, old age seems a little more welcoming (unless of course they all have bags)
Half hour in Blond was enough time to see the church and find the bar where we were having lunch. As the bells chimed noon we took our places at the seats

We were sitting at the English speaking table with two English ladies and a Dutch couple from the village. I know three things about the dutch, their language is impossible, they all speak good english and they like to have a good time.

Lunch was "tout compris" with four courses, a kir to start, wine with the meal and a coffee to finish. Most bars that give wine included offer the basic vin ordinaire which is the stuff in plastic bottles or 5 litre casks, not the best wine to say the least but if you drink enough it does get to taste a little better. The taste of the first glass is best summed up by the photo of Karen below

Lunch lasted until 4pm!!!!! and then we were back to the coach for a ten minute drive to the village containing the rural museum. You walk round the village and at various points there are buildings either as they were previously or containing displays of the life and times of people in the village. There is an old school, the lavoir(photo below) where the women did their washing, a mill, an old bar etc etc

The village was very interesting but of course because lunch was 4 hours we were limited on time and only had an hour to see it all. Jeanne coming from a farming background particually enjoyed the trip, even going back to her childhood and climbing the biggest tree on the village green before we were called back to the bus for our return journey

The BBC news is reporting today that the over 65's should cut their alcohol intake to half of an adult allowance. It wont be happening in France, I can tell you

A year in Champniers

On June 17th we celebrated one year at the bar. This was the day we moved here and started the hard work of getting the place clean after nearly three years of being empty and ready to start serving beer and food on July 31st.
It has been a great year and whilst we have not always found it easy in a number of ways expected and unexpected, we can honestly say we made the right decision.
Home is here now and we are very happy with our choice.
We have learned many things, perhaps the most important that the previously empty bar can keep us ticking over even if it wont ever make us rich.
Pour moi, le francais c'est tres difficile but Jeanne seems to have adapted to speaking French quite well. She is forever being complimented on her language skills as it is assumed that she is British. This is not considered a compliment!!
May I take this opportunity to thank all those who have helped us during the past year, too many to mention but you know who you are.

Monday, 6 June 2011

at last

we have finally had some rain just in time for fish and chips. At least it will be more like England

A Quick Update

Just a quick update on some of the previous blogs.
Our fryer is now repaired and back in use. Metro staff training obviously does not include offering any apology as the return of the appliance came with a stare and a grunt.
Our panini machine is now back in action as well. They worked hard to find a reason why not to repair it and have now said that no future repairs will be made as it looks as though it is being used too frequently.
The toilet floor is now dry.
Our internet user has been back, to shout at us complaining that we have "written nasty things" on the blog. J asked him if it was all true to which he left, got in his car, revved it and then flashed his lights half a dozen times into the front windows.
This could become a saga,I tell you he has been here, he comes again to complain and I tell you he's been back to complain.

Lastly, we have had lots of new readers from Karen's blog, Tout Sweet. welcome and thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy my ramblings