Sunday, 31 July 2011


In the past week we have had people from the following places in the bar


we had 0.01% of the population of Lichenstein ( hello Helmut, Shirley and Nina)

and a suprise visit from Barry the Brit who found his way here on the way to the south of France ( see post August 10)

One Year

Today is the 31st July 2011. We opened this day last year.
It has been a wonderful year as we have learned our new trade and met new people.

By far the most important is the fact that if you have the desire you will succeed. I have sat in many meetings where motivation, change and attitude were discussed repeatedly. The task was always to lead others. It works to a degree but needs inspirational leaders, but it works much better if the desire comes from the person themselves. Desire to succeed makes things work. Belief in yourself and in our case our business is the key. Don't worry about what you can't change, just make sure that what you can do you do well. If you make a mistake, learn from it and move on and don't ever forget that the customer is your income.

We had a small party on Thursday with our neighbours, some close friends and the key players in the community. The mayor asked to speak and very kindly thanked us for taking the risk to come to Champniers and for bringing life back to the village.

We hope as we enter year two that we can continue to make a difference

Friday, 15 July 2011


I blogged last year about the flies. I will say no more except that this year they are worse. I hate them with a vengeance!!!
I know they can't be helped and they are everywhere but I can't see what purpose they serve. Why do we have flies?
We have even resorted this year to the ghastly sticky tapes that are seen everywhere in France hanging from ceilings, covered with dead flies, like the inside of a garibaldi biscuit.
We have placed Red Tops outside and they are harvesting flies in their hundreds, but you have to be very careful to not get downwind of them

But we have a new weapon. I have just taken receipt of a fly screen, made for us by CIC screens in Isleworth. Whilst I have sat and typed this, no fly has landed on my nose, my ear or balanced along the top of the laptop. I haven't even had to stop to pick up the smiley face swatter.
It looks like we may finally be fighting back
Let battle begin!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Blog goes worldwide

I started the blog back in May last year as a way of communicating with friends and family in one go, rather than write the same stuff on numerous emails. People said they liked to read it and so I carried on. I realise that some of the postings are of more interest to some than others ( or should that be mildly less boring than others).
I also realise that I started writing about French life because it was new to me and so different and that I haven't added to this for a while as perhaps I am becoming more used to the peculiarities of life here.

The blog is also my diary, a written record of what we did and when.
In the year we have had almost 6000 hits, (not bad as the kids have all forgotten the address) and this grows daily. Karen Wheeler the local author whose second book features some events that took place in the bar, linked the blog to hers whilst writing a blog about fish and chips.
We also receive hits from a blog which is a blog described as The story of Toula and Big Boy's excellent adventure as they plan their move from California to Hawaii.
I have no idea why they read the blog about a small bar in a very small village but I hope they enjoy it.
I even had an email from Australia asking if we will be showing the cricket next year. Yes we will and England are going to win again!!

However the thing that really bought the blog and it's impact home to us was when a couple walked into the bar a few days ago and said they were staying 100 miles away and just had to drive up and see the bar that they read about. It was a little spooky and if I acted oddly Rebecca, I apologise. They ordered cheeseburger and chips with the comment "if your chip fryer is now repaired"

So the blog will continue but I will be a little more cautious as to what I put on it now I know that I don't know who is reading it.
To the readers, I hope you can live with the boring bits and stick with us. Thank you for taking time to keep coming back and if you are in Champniers do drop in.