Monday, 8 November 2010


Autumn has arrived. Yesterday was the first day since we opened that we were unable to use the terrace. The wind blew and it rained for most of the day, a great contrast to last week when you didn't even need a jumper in the evenings.
The bar is warm and hopefully inviting. We are settling into the expected winter trade, few people, mainly meals and plenty of spare time albeit tied to the bar.
On Saturday we had an unexpected suprise. Hunting here is a big thing and it is rare to drive for more than a few miles without seeing men, normally with a shotgun over their shoulder, walking through the fields on the lookout for anything that moves.
Saturday afternoon we were sitting in the bar when two hunters came in and presented us with a small forequarter of bambi, as a gift from the hunters of the village. Remembering my butchery courses from my Tesco days, the meat is now boned and maturing ready for cooking in a few days, and no, it is not going on the menu!!
We have just agreed with a couple of dancing instructors that we are going to host once a month, an evening of social dancing, both tuition and practise. We will soon be rocking to the tune of the samba, the rumba and the tango.
We have also now become a drop off point for a company called Dont forget your These guys, based in Rochester, deliver food purchased over the internet in the UK from Tesco and Asda to expats in France. Food is cheaper in the UK and many people here get their income from UK pensions so in some ways it makes sense to buy in England and pay the delivery premium. I was completly dumbfounded however, when they opened the van and I saw that people were buying fresh milk and sliced bread and having it sent 400 plus miles but it works as every delivery slot they have is filled until the new year. For us, it's about people seeing the bar, getting to know what we do and perhaps even having a lunch out whilst they wait for the van to turn up.

Last but not least, we have just put Raviolis au chocolat on the menu. It may seem strange but if you get the chance give them a try, they are excellent