Sunday, 18 December 2011

Hubble Bubble Puddle Trouble

He's been and done it again. The piddler on the floor. We saw him go to the toilets but weren't quick enough to get to him. He returned and whispered to J that all was ok but he lied!!
The next customer reported a yellow pool

Any advice would be gratefully accepted. We don't want to ban him but are fed up of cleaning the floor

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Simple Christmas

I believe I commented last year how Christmas here is more simple, less hyped and certainly less sophisticated. Villages are decorated with simple sprigs of conifer, trees and a few lights, not a copy of Picadilly Circus.
Some houses have decorations but it is certainly the minority and not the majority. The standard decoration is a rope light or two and a santa climbing a rope or a ladder.
The shops are festive but nowhere is decorated before 1st December, what a pleasant change from crackers being in stores in August!!
Christmas Day here is of course a bank holiday but as it is Sunday the banks are closed anyway. Bank Holidays do not get held over here so it's Sunday and then back to work on Monday 26th ( just like MFI days)

The photos show the village being decorated by the children. The tree has been up a week, but today is the decoration day and parents will bring their children to the village square to help out.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Xmas Bazaar

It's nearly Christmas according to the calendar although nature isnt so sure. We still have flies annoying us, leaves on the trees and temperatures that enable you to sit outside during sunny periods.
Anyway, yesterday we hosted a Christmas bazaar / brik a brac. We were approached by Lynne and Chris to use the back room to sell toys, which is their hobby. The idea once discussed was enlarged and Lynne agreed that she would organise a bazaar, and get other people involved, and advertise it, in exchange for the use of the room.
She was as good as her word and we had stalls selling clothes, toys, christmas decorations, sweets, cakes, general rubbish, homespun alpaca goods, bookcases etc etc.
She also organised a raffle to take place for the very worthy cause of Help 4 Heroes.
Stallholders were a 50/50 mix of French and English and were very keen, arriving before 7am to set up, for a start time of 10.
Trade was brisk, with most stalls reporting good interest and reasonable sales, and the raffle did ok as well, albeit it is difficult to see tickets for a British charity to the French, with €165 being raised

For us, it was good to see a buzz around the place with a very good mix of French and British.

we also had one very unexpected visitor as can be seen below.